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Types of Herpes Simplex Virus


     Type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2) are, unfortunately, not curable and remain in the body for life.        Outbreaks on the lips (cold sores) are called Oral Herpes (HSV-1) and outbreaks in the genital region

     are called Genital Herpes (HSV-2).

  • Once infected, the virus moves along the nerve pathways and enters the nerves where it might remain for years.

  • When stress or illness triggers the virus it starts to reproduce by sending the virus particles to the skin where it “sheds” more virus particles – this is the outbreak.


    What can you do to prevent outbreaks ?  Does the same remedies work on Oral & Genital?


    Yes, the tissue is affected exactly the same and therefore using a the same

    products for both areas is preventative.


    What products WORK?    The Herbalist range includes two products:


     1. Medicated Lip Balm/Cold Sores Cream 60gm $50  &  120gm $100

  • stops the virus from developing, if outbreak has occured, the use will

      minimise the duration

    2. Medicated Powder for Genital & Oral herpes outbreaks  -

             email Sandra - sparker.health@gmail.com  for this specialised product.


  • used immediately when symptoms arise.  If applied every 2 hours in-clinical trials have shown the outbreak can be stopped within 24 hrs.  Also, if the outbreak is fully expressed then using the powder stops secondary infection and assists with fast repair.  


    3. Prevention: The Herbalist Lip Balm prevents the drying/triggers for this viral outbreak

                        Medicinal tincture specificallydesigned to improve immune system with anti-viral herbs


 email Sandra - sparker.health@gmail.com  for this specialised product.



Please note:  This website no longer  takes online orders.  Please contact Sandra via email to continuing ordering.
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