Specially formulated for young and old alike, when applied this cream moisturizes, protects and hydrates, reducing visible signs of sun damage and aging by repairing environmental damage.
This cream is 'food for skin' designed to 'plump' up deeper layers to  and improve skin visibly. 
Herbal extracts: Calendula, Centella, Chamomile, Hypericum, Comfrey Lf, Aloe Vera
Healing Oils: Tasmania Olive, Australian Almond Oil, Shea nut, Rosehip, Australian Hemp Seed Oil

Nourishing Facial Cream 120gm

    • Essential for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin exposed to smoggy environmental air pollutants or air conditioned areas.
    • Handpicked flower and plant extracts with Healing Oils, deeply feed dry and dehydrated skin with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, creating rich skin smoothing moisture.
    • The goodness from organic beeswax, rosehip & hemp seed oils along with shea nut butter provides a super burst of hydration for dry and thirsty skin.
    • Divine Bulgarian Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood  & Vanilla Essential Oils make it visually softening for undernourished or ageing skin.
    • After cleansing and using a toning mist in the morning, massage a small amount of Facial Moisturiser onto the skin.
  • If you find any fault with this product, The Herbalist shall Return & Refund.  The highest quality ingredients and decades of skill & understanding in how to create, formulate, blend a cream ensures it is viable for at least 12 months unopened and 6 months once open. Store in cool position without sunlight reaching the product.

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