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Blood Root
Sanguinaria Canadensis



Codonopsis Pilosa






St. Johns Wort
Hypericum Perforatum
California Poppy Eschscholzia californica 


Sundew Pelata
Discover the Difference Nature Makes
Never Tested 
on Animals

Sandra Parker, Manufacturing Herbalist of 30 years lives in Tasmania, Australia. Creating a range of Australian Organic Beauty Skin Care and Medicinal Producs to regenerate, protect and heal our skin. Sandra has successfully blended the benefits of natural ingredients to produce effective, organic skin care products for beauty and medical complaints. Absolutely & undeniably NO synthetic or chemicals are tolerated.


Utilising Tasmanian beeswax which transports the organic oils  & plant extracts deep into the skin for regeneration and a smooth & creamy product.


All products are formulated without parabens, petroleum or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.  The Herbalist products do not contain any animal products other than beeswax) and  are never tested on animals only family and friends.

Ever aware of  the large amount of chemicals were are exposed to, Sandra seeks out the highest quality ingredients. To ensure this is possible many herbs are grown on my property, where they are loved and cared for.  Deep fertile red soil ensures healthy plants.


No pesticides, herbicides touch the soil or plants.  Chooks and a duck care for plants by eating many destructive pests, and they are very willing workers.


There are 3 types of bee's humming in the garden. Firstly the common honey bee, secondly the small native bee and thirdly the bumble bee, all harmoniously &  industrously doing their roles.


Herbs are only harvested when at the correct stage of maturation, ensuring the natural chemicals to be at their most potent.

The Herbalist products do not contain any animal products (excluding beeswax) and are never tested on animals - only family and friends


Using pure beeswax from Tasmania's wild West Coast & Northern area, where there are factories......... no pollution.


Medicinal &  Beauty creams/products:

  • plants, herbs, trees, flowers & leaves from Tasmania's pristine surrounds 

  • clear spring water purified

  •  organic first press Tasmanian Wattle Hill Organic Olive Oil 

  • Australian first press Almond Oil

  •  first press Hazelnut oil from Hagley Hazelbrae Hazelnuts,


Always check your product ingredients & instructions.


All products contain essential oils and need to be PATCH TESTED on sensitive skin.


All products can be ordered via email for sensitive skin which are made to order dependant on your skin's needs.





Wild Yam
Dioscorea villosa
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