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National Herbalist of Australia Association # 154630



Pulsatilla Vulgaris.  Morning dew looks ethereal on the closed flower.

Sandra Parker

When learning Herbalism the course duration is 3 years, however it is said it takes 7 lifetimes to become a 'true' herbalist.


Sandra has the honour of having learnt from Alchemists the true nature of working with herbs and their health benefits both internally and externally. For the last 18 years I was privileged to meet and have as my Mentor for over 15 years, Ken Atherton of Pindari Herb Farm in Longford, Tasmania, Australia. Ken's passion for sharing herbal wisdom & alchemical doctrines saw him present 5 day live-in herbal seminars which I was asked to co-presented with him for 10 seminars.

After Kens passing in 2013, Linda Bates and Sandra

co-presented the January & February 2015 5 day live-in seminars. 

Consulting in my clinic revealed the need for herbal medicine through the many thousands of clients presenting for treatment over the 3 decades. 

To be become a true herbalist a person must adhere to all aspects of herbal medicine from the Indian - or Ayurvedic Medicine to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, both have worked for centuries which attests to our largest populations on the planet.


I have been privileged to have purists of organic, fresh plant herbal medince pass their unique knowledge on to me.  With love and gratitude I am humbled by their knowledge and expertise so freely shared.


Herbs are grown on my property in the idealic, non-polluted environment of Tasmania. I wildcraft many of the proven beneficial herbs, flowers, leaves, berries, barks and roots available growing naturally in this pristine  area. 

Shyla the Siberian Husky warming herself on verandah in winter.
Ken Atherton at Pindari's 5 day live-in seminar.  Holding Centaury and explaining to the group: growth, habitat, uses and cautions.
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