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A blend of herbs known around the workd for their ability to boost the immunity of our body which protects and fights off any RNA virus which have been in use for thousands of years and proven to assist the body. Sandra has merged Western & Eastern knowledge of medicinal herbs to offer a two products for this particular health issue.  

1. Throat Spray:  I have used this for 10yrs now and clients have found it to be an effective first line defense and ongoing protection  50ml   $30

2.  COVID-19 Tincture:  blend of 15 herbs that over 30 yrs I have found to be highly beneficial to

warm the body, assist the immune system to rally its defenses to fight of this and other RNA virus's.

200ml  $60.00                                     Contact Sandra by email:

Chaste Berry - Vitex Agnus Castus
Above:  Flower head 
Below:  Bush in full bloom
Winthania Somnifera
You have finally found pure, 
organic, age-defying beauty.

Dispensing Herbalist - Practitioners contact Sandra for handmade products.

Ethical Cosmetic Beauty Creams
Hand made
Hand Poured
Hand harvested from my garden to you
Astragalus membranaceus
Useful as a cold/flu preventative.
Reduces symptoms and duration of illenss. Enhancing the immune system with anti-bacterial & anti-viral herb extracts and essential oils to revitalise health.



Nourishes skin to feed deeper layers of skin for youthful plumpness whilst providing SPF 15 sun protection. A must in our daily skin care routine.
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