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A pure gotu kola (Centella Asciatica) juice made from the fresh plant and poured with care into a base cream. Marshmallow root provides mucilage that assists with reddness and skin irritation.
Ingredients: Polawax PEG-20 (ethical palm oil derivative), Beeswax, Shea nut butter, Calendula Infused Olive Oil, Gotu Kola fresh plant juice, Marshmallow Root Fresh Plant tincture, Vegetable Glycerine, Pure Spring Water, Borax, Rosemary Frond Extract (anti-oxidant), Grape Seed Extract (anti-microbial).
Pure Organic Esssential Oils: Rose Geranium, Australain Organic Lavender Augustifolia.

Deep Tissue Elixir 60gm

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